Healthcare Sector

Unlocking extra cash for healthcare activities

The health care sector faces a major challenge as a result of rising costs, an increasing and ever-changing demand for care and new legislation. A new balance has to be found between financial sustainability and the requested quality and quantity. This requires a change in thinking and doing.

Self-managing teams, training and binding healthcare professionals, more home care, more prevention and the development of innovative care solutions (digitization, robotisation) are examples of care themes in which future-oriented solutions need to be found. In such a challenging work field, the procurement function at strategic level can make a crucial contribution to finding the right answers.

On the one hand by binding a fixed core of innovative partner suppliers with whom we can work on innovative, future-proof solutions. By optimizing the return on the company’s working capital there is more financial freedom created for making the necessary investments.

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Dynamic Discounting

Give your suppliers the opportunity to collect invoices earlier in exchange for a variable discount, so that you achieve a return.

Procurement Optimisation

Streamline your purchasing process, automatically approve your purchase invoices and pay your suppliers even faster with NCN Capital.

Supply Chain Finance

Unlock working capital for both you and your suppliers with our Supply Chain Finance (Reverse Factoring) solution.

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