Private Sector

Unique but with its own challenges

The diversity in the private sector is huge but they all face the same challenges with retaining the right talents, resources and innovation capacity. In the slipstream of improving economic growth, there is a scarcity of talents and certain resources. A striking example of this is the construction industry that suffers from a structural shortage of qualified personnel and crucial building materials such as piles and roof tiles.

The demand for sustainable and socially responsible products and services is growing. This is in fact equivalent to a growing demand for chain transparency (ecological footprint) and innovative strength (circular economy, new solutions).

In order to be able to take significant steps, cooperation with solid chain partners is necessary.

It is clear that in such a dynamic work environment companies are better off with a solid core of future-oriented supplier partners than with a large network of separate suppliers. In any case when it comes to purchasing capacity and resources for the core business.

Digitalisation and the rapidly developing new technologies challenge companies to continuously innovate in new services, products and / or revenue models. Anyone who stands still will have the risk of being overtaken by new entrants and / or disruptive business models such as Über and Airbnb.

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