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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

The use of our platform is free of charge for your suppliers and/or customers.

You pay no fixed costs for usage, no purchase costs, no costs for analysis and no costs for implementation.

The compensation we ask only consists of a percentage of the payment discount (profit-sharing).

In short, we only charge for our performance when it benefits your organization.

When you use Supply Chain Finance, the funding costs depend on the risk profile, sector and market interest rate.

The NCN Capital platform is praised for its simplicity.

We take all the work off your hands. The effort we ask from you is approx. 16 hours for strategic coordination and approx. 16 hours for setting up the technical connection with the financial system. The lead time is on average one month.

We also take care of the onboarding of your suppliers. The turnaround time for onboarding depends on the number of suppliers we connect.

Yes, we can also post all your sales invoices on our platform. Your customers can choose  whether they want to pay their invoice earlier in exchange for a ‘bonus’ or maybe they can pay the invoice from your organization later in exchange for a discount.

Everything is possible! Contact us for more information.

We are convinced that our solution can provide added value for any organization. 

For this reason, NCN Capital takes on all risks and investments so that there is no “Cash out” for our customers at any time.

We will prepare a tailor-made business case without obligation when you contact us via the contact form.

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