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Opinion: Expert’s working capital management strategies

According to Adhip Ray in his blog on ‘Winning the Business’ there are two different kinds of working capital managers: the conservative one and the aggressive one. But we at NCN Capital like to add an extra kind of working capital manager to the list: the innovating working capital manager. Why? Let us introduce you to our opinion! … Read More

Zorgen voor duurzaamheid - Ensuring Sustainability

Ensuring sustainability

Another point to keep in mind when implementing a working capital optimization solution is that cash optimization is an ongoing mission. To ensure that success sticks, you need to make sure people don’t slip back into old ways of working. … Read More

Proactive working capital optimization

As freeing up cash has become a priority for businesses around the world, organizations are taking a creative approach to freeing up funds. Today it is recognized that a good place to look is within the company. This benefits any … Read More

How to optimise your working capital

Adapting your approach and implementation Demonstrating agility to survive is essential for businesses, and when it comes to working capital optimization, organizations must implement solutions effectively to minimize disruption and achieve desired results. In today’s competitive market, business models evolve … Read More

Managing working capital during a pandemic

The global crisis in Covid-19 could fuel the acceleration of purchasing order financing, as companies urgently need money to bring their supply chains back to life. As some lockdown measures across Europe are cautiously eased, many businesses will be eager … Read More