Drive your business forward with the working capital solutions of NCN Capital

Drive your business forward with our working capital solutions

With over 25 years of experience in optimising supplier relationships, procurement, finance and technology know-how,
NCN Capital has developed unique Cloud-based solutions. We support your organisation and your suppliers in achieving an optimal working capital position, your CSR objectives and improved business relationships.

Dynamic Discounting

Does your organisation have surplus cash? Don’t leave this in the bank at low interest rates. Invest in your suppliers!

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Supply Chain Finance

Unlock working capital by extending payment terms and strengthening your supplier relationships at the same time.

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Procurement Optimisation

A streamlined procurement process that ensures you can pay your invoices faster, resulting in a higher return on your working capital.

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Improve working capital

Unlock working capital to use tied up cash which is stuck in operational processes.

Increase payment flexibility

The supplier is now in charge of choosing a early payment date.

Generate risk free returns

Obtain a return on your working capital without taking additional risks

Save time

With a fast and efficient process, cut down on the number and frequency of supplier payment inquiries.

Build stronger relationships

Strengthen the relationship between you and your suppliers with dynamic discounting.

Reduce financial risks

Improve cash flow with early payment assurance.

How it works


Use our ERP integrations to upload your approved invoices automatically to the NCN Capital platform.

Invite Suppliers

Invite your suppliers to accelerate their invoices on the NCN Capital platform.

Save. Invest. Grow.

Pay your suppliers on their desired date and receive a dynamic discount.