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Together we can do great things!

The strength lies in the cooperation!

At NCN Capital we always think in terms of team effort: with the customer, with the suppliers and with our employees. We are happy to add an extra party to this: our partners. Because we achieve more with partners!

Our partners


12Build connects construction partners and promotes cooperation, improves the result of the purchasing process and leads to a better grip on projects. All in 1 platform, all in 1 workflow.

About 12Build


HighQ takes finance further. We not only look at the numbers, but also at the people behind the numbers. HighQ is happy to have a chat with you!

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Returning control to your organization. INCONTO does this by optimizing your contract management, purchasing and invoice processing.



Unparalleled cash & treasury management solutions to digitalize, automate, & transform treasury and finance processes.

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WhiteVision offers solutions to digitally process incoming documents quickly and easily. They help companies to work more easily and efficiently.

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