Dynamic Discounting

Invest in your suppliers!

Why Dynamic Discounting?

Does your organisation have surplus cash? Don’t leave this in the bank at low interest rates.

Powerful, yet simple

Use the NCN Capital platform to give your suppliers the opportunity to choose a date on which the invoice will be paid.


Discounts calculated dynamically

The platform automatically calculates a variable discount based on our model. ​

Supply chain responsibility

Strengthen your relationships

Become the best partner to your suppliers by giving them the control to manage their own liquidity needs.


Streamline processes

Payment reminders or suppliers calling about their invoice status is a thing of the past with NCN Capital.

Pay less

Guaranteed discounts

When the supplier chooses a payment date, your organisation is asked to pay the invoice minus the variable discount on the desired date.

The result

A win-win situation for all parties

Our market research showed 80% of 3000+ Dutch suppliers surveyed are willing to give a discount if their invoice is paid earlier.

Tap Into Unused Capital

Your organisation achieves a return on your unused capital. Significantly more than on a bank or investment account.

Automated payments

We connect to all ERP systems so that we can fully automate this payment process, using our inhouse API connections.

Improve Relationships

The cooperation is more efficient, and your suppliers will have more space and willingness to proactively contribution to the objectives of your organisation.

Competitive Advantage

In a purchasing market where the need is bigger than the supplier can handle, you bind suppliers who are important to your core business of your organisation.

Improve Brand Image

Contribute to your CSR objectives and improve your brand image, both with suppliers, stakeholders and external parties.

Amazing Support

Work with a team of experts with over 20 years experience to help get you up and running with NCN Capital.