A new year: looking back, looking ahead and wishes!

A new year comes with new wishes and new plans. But not before we pause for a moment and look back at what has been.

Are you looking back and forward with us?

A new year: looking back, looking ahead and wishes!

A new year comes with new wishes and new plans. At NCN Capital too. But not before we as a team take a moment to pause and look back at what has been. For the first time we put this reflection on ‘paper’. Are you looking back and forward with us? Who knows, a nice new tradition will arise!

Looking back at a top year

We can rightly call 2022 a top year for NCN Capital. We got no less than 6 new customers! We were able to take extra big steps for our existing customers through some adjustments, so that they could, among other things, process the year-end closing in a clear manner. We have also never previously connected so many new suppliers to the platform. Partly due to the efforts of our new colleague Guus van Wetering, who, as an onboarding specialist, had this as his main task.

In addition to the ongoing collaborations with HighQ, Nomentia and INCONTO, we entered into a partnership with 12build. One of the largest connecting parties in the construction industry. The aim of this collaboration is to provide even better support to construction partners and their suppliers in their working capital optimization and cash flow regulation. We will keep you informed about developments in this area in the near future!

Looking ahead: can it get any better?

Looking back, we see that we have not been idle. Can it therefore be even more beautiful and intense in 2023? We believe so. Our plans and initiatives are accordingly.

Next year we aim to grow even more in the construction sector. But not only that sector deserves a good financial partner for their cash flow, the other sectors as well. We are also developing various initiatives to enable all organizations to experience the benefits of working capital optimisation.

Our partner INCONTO, procurement and contract management software, has chosen to integrate our platform with their software as standard to link. As a result, every client of INCONTO has access to its own NCN Capital environment. In addition, we are taking the first cautious steps across the border. Germany is the first to act, exploratory talks with possible partners have already taken place.

These are just a few developments on the customer side, we also have great plans on the organizational side. The knowledge and expertise of our team is an important asset. This allows us to provide you with tailor-made support. In order to keep this knowledge up to date, we will be organizing knowledge sessions with guest speakers from the financial world in the coming year. They guide our team through what they consider to be the most important themes in the field. Interested in organizing a knowledge session? Let us know!

Anniversary in sight!

In 2023, we will celebrate NCN Capital’s fifth anniversary. Yes, you read it correctly! Five years ago, the idea for a working capital optimization platform originated from the brains of Nick Hoek and Cees Ubink. In the third quarter of this year it will be exactly 5 years since the Chamber of Commerce registration took place. And that we don’t want to let this go unnoticed, is certain. We don’t know yet how we do this. We’ll be shaping that in the coming weeks!

Prosperity and happiness

But enough about NCN Capital! An organization exists by the grace of its customers, relations and suppliers. We therefore wish all our relations, business and private, a year full of happiness, health and prosperity.

Happy new year!