Cards Unlimited goes for sustainable supplier relationships

Cards Unlimited and NCN Capital join forces to realize sustainable supplier relationships and optimize working capital.

'We strive for even better cooperation with our chain partners.'

Cards Unlimited goes for sustainable supplier relationships

Cards Unlimited and NCN Capital are joining forces for a long-term partnership. The pursuit of sustainable supplier relationships and optimization of working capital are the starting points of the collaboration. ‘At Cards Unlimited we are always looking for ways to work even better with our chain partners. After a pleasant conversation with Nick Hoek and Mitchell Pauwels, we were convinced that they are the ideal partner for us. The drive and solution-oriented approach of the NCN Capital team was the deciding factor for us,’ says Peter Rijswijk of Cards Unlimited.

Not only direct benefits, but indirect benefits as well

By using the NCN Capital platform, Cards Unlimited gives its suppliers the opportunity to get invoices paid earlier. In exchange, Cards Unlimited receives a variable discount. The direct advantages for Cards Unlimited are: spreading the payment of the invoices so that money is no longer in the account than necessary, a satisfied supplier, an automated booking procedure and a financial advantage. The suppliers also benefit from direct benefits, namely: a grip on the payment date (after all, they determine this themselves), a shorter DSO and insight into and anticipation of their own cash flow. A win-win situation for both parties.

In addition to the aforementioned direct benefits, both Cards Unlimited and their suppliers also benefit from indirect benefits. This includes, for example, viewing the payment status of outstanding obligations and saying goodbye to static discount agreements. And this also means fewer questions to the accounts receivable department about the invoice status or requests to pay invoices earlier.

About Cards Unlimited

Cards Unlimited is a dynamic, proactive company. Over the past 17 years, it has developed into a market leader in gift cards, loyalty cards, access cards and packaging. Thanks to its own printing company, an extensive machine park including 2 high speed Drop on Demand inkjet lines, pasting and sealing machines and highly advanced cardmailing machines, the company supplies large numbers of cards per day. Thanks to efficient production methods, combined with highly customer-oriented order management, they guarantee very fast delivery times.

About NCN Capital

NCN Capital was created in response to the need of suppliers for liquidity and for purchasing parties not to have their cash in the bank longer than necessary at a negative interest rate. Often the latter already pay the taxes in advance, but why not (also) suppliers, the founders wondered?

Through the platform, NCN Capital facilitates clients and suppliers to optimize working capital through Dynamic Discounting. It also creates insight into billing and payment processes. Working together on a stronger financial position of suppliers and purchasing parties gives another dimension to improved supplier relationships.

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