NCN Capital betreedt de financiële markt in Duitsland via samenwerking met Miscea

NCN Capital enters the financial market in Germany through a partnership with Miscea

Miscea chooses to partner with NCN Capital as a financial solution for their liquidity, creditworthiness and supplier relationships.

Partnership with Miscea

NCN Capital enters the financial market in Germany

With the collaboration with the German sensor tap supplier Miscea, NCN Capital is taking its first steps across the border in the year that they celebrate their fifth anniversary. By deploying the NCN Capital platform, Miscea gains the means to confirm their creditworthiness towards suppliers. In addition to processing their invoices more efficiently, optimizing working capital and establishing better supplier relationships, the German company is also working on supply chain transparency. For NCN Capital, Miscea means not only a new client that is added to the customer base, but above all an international market entry.

More than a translation

NCN Capital’s international market presence is reflected in the translation of the platform into the German language and the connection of various German suppliers. However, that is not the only action to take. The platform must also be able to apply the applicable rules in Germany regarding payment terms and realize links with specific German ERP systems. In the coming period, NCN Capital will therefore focus on preparing the platform for the German market. Once this has been achieved, the first suppliers will be given the opportunity to register and use autopay and the accelerated payment of invoices. When the time comes, both Miscea and NCN Capital will notify the suppliers.

Innovation within the sanitary industry

Since 1999, Miscea has been developing state-of-the-art faucets that provide solutions for hygiene-sensitive environments. Miscea’s headquarters are located in Grossbeeren, Germany, in the immediate vicinity of Berlin. In addition, there are two own branches in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Miscea products are sold worldwide. Miscea faucets not only look sleek, so they fit into any design, they are also aimed at optimal hygiene. The no-touch system not only provides water, but also soap and, if desired, hand disinfectants. This makes it a unique combination and extremely suitable for kitchens, healthcare and dental practices.

Supply chain responsibility and liquidity for suppliers

Since 2018, NCN Capital has been providing a working capital solution for organizations that want to help suppliers based on their creditworthiness to attract ‘cheaper’ money without paperwork or expensive interest/factoring programs. A real win-win situation where the supplier has more control over its sales invoices/debtors and the customer strengthens supplier relationships, achieves returns or unlocks additional working capital.

Unique in the Netherlands

NCN Capital’s services focus on working capital optimization by facilitating dynamic discounting and supply chain finance. As a Dutch fintech startup, NCN Capital is unique in its kind. No other Dutch company offers this service. The big difference with factoring is the flexibility for the customer in offering accelerated payments to the suppliers. The customer retains control over the invoices, payment dates and discount percentages and is therefore cheaper than with an average factoring solution.

More information

Additional information about Miscea, NCN Capital and the entry into the German market can be obtained from Nick Hoek or Mitchell Pauwels, respectively Managing Partner and Sales Director at NCN Capital. This can be done via telephone number (085) 029 33 20, by e-mail via or by completing the contact form.