Offering an extra dimension to real added value

Thunnissen offers an extra dimension of real added value for their suppliers thanks to the partnership with NCN Capital.

How Thunnissen achieves this with NCN Capital.

Offering an extra dimension to real added value

Provide real value. That’s what Thunnissen is all about. They already achieve this on the customer side through the correct translation of the customer request. But with the collaboration with NCN Capital, they are now also achieving this for their suppliers. By using Dynamic Discounting and giving suppliers the choice to have invoices paid out faster, they work on their supplier relationships. In addition, the construction company not only gains more insight into the financial processes, but can also manage the cash flow even better.

Monitoring on time and money, both at construction companies and suppliers

Construction companies work with varying stock and a tight schedule. They also have to deal with scarcity of material. In addition, this is only available at daily prices, also for suppliers. For this reason, the latter are forced to purchase larger quantities. They also have to deal with more expensive transport, as a result of which suppliers combine orders. Since demand in today’s market is greater than supply, keeping stocks ensures that suppliers don’t have to say no. All of this requires better liquidity.

Together with NCN Capital, Thunnissen ensures that suppliers now have control over the payment of their invoices. With earlier payment, they quickly have more money and therefore better liquidity. A positive indirect consequence of using the platform is that some suppliers even deliver their products or services earlier, which drastically reduces the risk of project delays.

About Thunnissen

Whether it concerns inner-city renewal, integrated area development or management issues. With their full-service approach, Thunnissen always offers a sustainable and smart interpretation for every real estate assignment.

But it goes beyond developing, building and managing real estate. The construction company feels involved with its clients and feels a social responsibility to realize living environments where people feel comfortable.

About NCN Capital

NCN Capital was created in response to the need of suppliers for liquidity and for purchasing parties not to have their cash in the bank longer than necessary at a negative interest rate. Often the latter already pay the taxes in advance, but why not (also) suppliers, the founders wondered?

Through the platform, NCN Capital facilitates clients and suppliers to optimize working capital through Dynamic Discounting. It also creates insight into billing and payment processes. Working together on a stronger financial position of suppliers and purchasing parties gives another dimension to improved supplier relationships.

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